Conference: Civil Wars and Conflict Resolution in the Levant - Drivers, Patterns and Resolution of Conflict in Lebanon and Syria – University of Copenhagen

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Conference: Civil Wars and Conflict Resolution in the Levant - Drivers, Patterns and Resolution of Conflict in Lebanon and Syria

The international conference will attempt to compare and contrast the war in Syria since 2011 and the Lebanese civil war. Similarities will be considered by drawing on the rich scholarship on the Lebanese civil war.

The conference on Civil Wars and Conflict Resolution in the Levant is co-organised by the Centre for Resolution of International Conflict (CRIC), Copenhagen University, and Secular Ideology in the Middle East, Roskilde University

Similarities between the Lebanese the Syrian civil wars are often invoked. Some people embrace Lebanese consociationalism as a model for Syria, while others maintain that Syria needs a ‘secular’ national system. Moreover, it is becoming clear that Lebanon plays a central role in the Syrian civil war just as Syria was a key power broker in Lebanon. The two countries’ modern histories are entwined, and comparisons are, therefore, not incidental but crucial for the understanding of civil war and conflict resolution in the Levant.  

Please register at, no later than 31th March 

Program, 3rd April, room 2.1.02

13.30-13.45     Jakob Skovgaard and Sune Haugbølle
                      Welcome address
13.45-14.30     Sune Haugbølle 
                      “Representation, Mobilisation and Dissent: Syria and Lebanon’s                                       integrated political cultures”

14.30-14.45     Coffee break

14.45-15.30     Miriam Younes
                      “’Culture and Revolution’ – the revolutionary project of Lebanese                                     Communists during the civil war period”
15.30-16.15     Tamirace Fakhoury
                      “Replicating the Lebanese formula elsewhere?”

16.15-16.45     Coffee break

16.45-17.30     Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen
                      “A Second Chamber in Syria?”
18.30              Dinner for conference speakers at Øster Søgade 32

Program, 4th april, room 2.0.18

10.00-10.45     Craig Larkin 
                      “Jabal Mohsen in War and Pieces: the urban geopolitics of Lebanon’s                                 Alawi enclave”

10.45-11.00     Coffee break

11.00-12.00     Movie by Ali Atassi
                      “Ibn al Am Online"
12.00-12.45     Ali Atassi
                      “Syrian activists and Lebanon: dream, mirror, nightmare?”

12.45-14.15     Lunch

14.15-15.00     Nadim Shehade
                      "Lebanon skipped the 20th century, is it now ahead of the game?"

15.00-15.15     Coffee break

15.15-15.45     Ziad Majed
                      “An Orphaned Revolution: The role of civil society” 
15.45-16.30     Thomas Brønd
                      “Anti-sectarian ideology and political culture of informal networks: Syria                            and Lebanon compared”