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Lessons from Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking in Complex Conflicts

In this seminar we bring together three very distinguished peace and conflict researchers who have also worked practically with supporting conflict resolution and peace building processes. The overarching questions of this seminar are: Which generic lessons can be applied in facilitating conflict resolution and peace building, if any? And if so, how? The three speakers all have comparative insights into complex conflicts, and will present what they consider the most important lessons learned on issues such as civil war, neighboring states, security, everyday peace, local responses and mediation.


Please register at cric@cric.ku.dk no later than January 22nd, 2016.


8:45-9:00 Coffee and tea

9:00-9:05 Introduction

9:05-9:30 Lessons from South Sudan, Laurie Nathan

9:30-9:55 Lessons from South Africa and Uganda, Roger Mac Ginty

9:55-10:20 Lessons from the Syrian conflict, I. William Zartman

10:20-11:00 How can generic insights be applied to other current complex conflicts? Questions and comments in plenum



  • Laurie Nathan is Professor and the Director of the Centre for Mediation in Africa at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Working on sustainable security and mediation, Nathan has been involved in peace processes and security sector reforms in countries such as South Africa, Darfur, South Sudan, and Burundi. He has served various functions to the UN, AU, SADC, IGAD, and ministries amongst others.
  • Roger Mac Ginty is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, and the Department of Politics, University of Manchester, UK. Currently involved in projects on peace indicators and peacekeeping data, Mac Ginty works on the local-international interface in peacebuilding. He has worked on numerous cases, such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Moreover, Mac Ginty is the editor of a book series with Palgrave, co-editor of the journal “Peacebuilding” and has published extensively on peacebuilding.
  • I. William Zartman is Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Washington DC, US. Being a keyperson in the development of negotiation analysis, Zartman’s work has been pivotal for mediation efforts and academic research. With work that revolves around the issues of negotiations, conflict management, risk analysis, terrorism, ethnic conflict, Africa and the Middle East, Zartman is the author of numerous, highly acclaimed books as well as a wide range of additional academic publications.