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Research seminar: Humour as a Method of Nonviolent Action

CRIC invites to the research seminar "Humour as a Method of Nonviolent Action" with Majken Jul Sørensen. Majken recently submitted her PhD thesis "Humorous political Stunts: Nonviolent Public Challenges to Power" at the University of Wollongong in Australia and is visiting CRIC for this seminar.

The research seminar will revolve around Majken's paper that discusses the use of humour in relation to theory of nonviolent action.

Please register at no later than Monday November 10th 2014. The paper will be sent to you when you have registered.

About research seminars
The research seminar is a forum for academic debate, organized around the paper and is conducted on the assumption that the paper has been read by participants.

The paper
Humour is used as a method of nonviolent resistance in both dictatorships and democracies, and its special appeal to emotions and imagination frequently sets it apart from other forms of nonviolent action. In this paper, three different examples from Belarus, Sweden and Denmark utilising humour are analysed according to their ability to facilitate dialogue, break power and serve as an utopian enactment. In these cases, humour is found to have a particular ability to break the power of dominant discourses, because their ambiguity makes them ideal as “guerrilla attacks” in the ongoing discursive guerrilla war the activists are waging. The analysis also reveals how difficult it can be to measure the success and failure of a nonviolent action, something which has general implications for the study of civil resistance.

Time and place
The seminar will be held in CRIC’s meeting room (25.0.01), Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 Copenhagen K, November 13th 2014 from 13.30 to 15.00.