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Research Seminar: The International in Security, Security in the International

CRIC invites to the research seminar “The International in Security, Security in the International” with Associate Professor Pinar Bilgin, Department of International Relations, Bilkent Univeristy, Turkey, and Visiting Scholar at CRIC.

The research seminar will revolve around two chapters from a book manuscript by Pinar Bilgin.

Please register at no later than Friday October 16th, 2015. The paper will be sent to you when you have registered.

This seminar is based on a book manuscript that seeks to respond to two questions that I consider to be interlinked. The first question has busied the minds of students of critical security studies who refuse to abandon IR’s ‘implied mission of enabling global existence based on available resources’ (Grovogui, 2009): How to think about security in a world characterised by a multiplicity of inequalities and differences? Those who sought to reach beyond the limits of our existing theorising about IR and security in responding to this question turned to study IR scholarship in other parts of the world. Their findings gave rise to the second question: How is it that the ‘standard’ concepts of IR, when they ‘travel’ to other parts of the world, do not seem to be supplemented by concepts and categories that are shaped by other philosophical traditions? In response to these questions, I build on the contributions of critical security studies (defined broadly) and draw upon the insights of postcolonial studies to suggest that we inquire into the international in security, and security in the international. By inquiring into ‘the international in security’, I refer to the need for incorporating others’ conceptions of the international into the study of security. By inquiring into ‘security in the international’, I point to the need to worlding IR to understand how others’ insecurities, which were experienced in a world that is already worlded, have shaped (and have been shaped by) their conceptions of the international. By ‘others’, I mean those who are ‘perched on the bottom rung’ of world politics (Enloe, 1997)—i.e., those who happen not to be located on or near the top of hierarchies in world politics, enjoying unequal influence in shaping various dynamics, including their own portrayal in world politics. 

About research seminars
The research seminar is a forum for academic debate, organized around a paper and is conducted on the assumption that the paper has been read by participants.

Time and place
The seminar will be held in CRIC’s meeting room (25.0.01), Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 Copenhagen K, October 19th, 2015 from 13.30 to 15.00.