ISA2021 Annual Convention

The CRIC reserchers will participate in the International Studies Associations Annual Convention, ISA2021, which will take place April 5th to April 9th. Ole Wæver, Isabel Bramsen, Anine Hagemann and Jakob Dreyer will be present at the panels listed below.

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April 6th

8:00-9:15 AM (New York EDT): "The Environment, Climate Change and the Dynamics of Peace and Conflict"
Anine Hagemann and Ole Wæver
will do their presentation "Preventing Climate Wars"
The panel chaired by Tabitha M. Benney from the University of Utah will also involve:

  • McKenzie Jonson, University of Illinois: "Peace in the Land of Magical Realism: A Multiscalar Environmental Analysis of Colombia's Peace Agreement
  • Farah Hegazi, Stockholm International Peace research Institute SIPRI: "The Missing Link: Cliate Change, Adaptive Capacity and the Risk of Violent Conflict
  • Dominique Schmid, Universitat Pompeu Fabra: "Climate Change Interventions in the South: Green but Mean?
  • Cristie Nicoson, Lund University: Towards climate resilient peace: a degrowth and intersectional approach to positive peace

8:00-9:15 AM (New York EDT): Debating and Juxtaposing Theories of Peace
Isabel Bramsen
will chair the roundtable and be joined by Oliver Richmond (University of Manchester), Tarja H. Väyrynen (University of Tampere), Roger Mac Ginty (Durham University) Anna Jarstad (Uppsala University), Lisa Strömbom (Lund University), and Peter Wallensteen (Uppsala University).

11:00 AM-12:15 PM (New York EDT): Power and History in International Relations
Jakob Dreyer will do the presentation “Theorizing the historical relationship between normal and exceptional politics: On Denmark, Norway, and the violent liberal state” during the panel hosted by John. G. Oates (Florida International University). The panel will also contain the listed presentations:

  • Catherine Goetze (Univerity of Tasmania): “Dynasties in world politics. Family capital and access to power from a global perspective”
  • Clark Aoqi Wu (The Catholoc University of America): “Illusion of Power: How Ideology Causes the Chinese Communist Party’s “Imperial Overstretch””
  • Jaehan Park (Johns Hopins SAIS): “The Limits of Rising Power: The United States in the Asia-Pacific, 1895-1905.

2:00 PM-3:15 PM (New York EDT): "What are the Meanings of Security in the Region(s) of your Research?
Ole Wæver
will take part in the roundtable chaired by Marilia C. Souza and joined by Thiago Rodrigues (Fluminense National University), James M. Goldgeier (American University), Maria Rost Rublee (Monash University), and Nëlidji Eric Degila (Graduate Institute, Geneva)

3:30-4:45 PM: Necropolitics: Life, Death and the Order of Violece
Jakob Dreyer will do his presentation “Distant Violence – a productive problem to the practice turn in International Relations” during the panel chaired by Abhishek Choudhary (University of Delhi). The panel will also involve the listed presentations:

  • Neil Cooper (Kent State University): From Humanitarian Disarmament to Controlling the Means of Violence”
  • Sabrina Villenave (University of Manchester): “Necropolitics, bodies and neoliberalism”
  • Anaya Sharma (Ashoka University): “Reconceptualizing the Camp: Necro Politics and the Precarious lies of Rohingya Refugees in India
  • Ivonne Tellez Patarroyo (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador): “Colombia’s government and necropolitics as State’s Policy

April 7th

2:00 PM-3:15 PM (New York EDT): Methodological Innovation Solving Research Problems? (Challenges of Making Peace Researchable I)
Isabel Bramsen will do the resentation "Video Data Analysis: The Methodological Promise of Videos in Peace Research" in the panel chaired by Anna Jarstad (Uppsala University). The panel will also contain the presentations:

  • Johanna J. Söderström (Uppsala University): Interviewing (a) post-war generation(s): peace and role identities
  • Jenny Hedenström (Örebro University) and Elisabeth Ulivius (Umeå University): "Life history diagrams as a tool for studying everyday experiences of war and peace"
  • Thania Paffenholz (Graduate Institute, Geneva): "Researching Peace: Process tracing critical junctures as an innoative methodology"

3:30-4:35 PM (New York EDT): Advancing Agonistic Peace in Research and Practice – National and Domestic Dynamics
Isabel Bramsen will chair the panel joined by Henrique Taveres Furtado (University of the West of England). The panel will contain the listed presentations:

  • Lisa Strömbom (Lund University): “Agonistic recognition: Insights from Israeli-Åalestinian and Greek-Turkish relations”
  • Anne Lene Stein (Lund University): “Preparing for an agonistic peace? Developing tools for drafting and assessing peace agreements and their agonistic qualities”
  • Emma Murphy (University College Dublin): Agonistic Transitional Justice in Action: the Case of Northern Ireland”
  • Sara Dybris McQuaid (Aarhus University): The Past and Future are Present: Agonistic Dialogue and the Status of Consensus and Conflict in Northern Ireland”
  • Sarah Maddison (University of Melbourne): “Agonism and incommensurability: On the (impossibility of decolonial dialogue”

April 8th

11:00-12:15 AM (New York EDT): Roundtable on Charlotte Epstein's book "Birth of the State: The Place of the Body in Crafting Modern Politics"
Ole Wæver will chair the roundtable and be joined by Charlotte Epstein from the University of Sydney along with R. B. J. Walker (University of Victoria), Julia Costa Lopez (University of Groningen), Vivienne Jabri (King's College London), Jens Bartelson (Lund University), Lauren Wilcox (University of Cambridge), and Naeem Inayatullah (Ithaca College)

5:00-6-15 PM (New York EDT): On the Pth to the Global International Relations with Amitav Acharya
Ole Wæver
will join the roundtable chaired by Vendula Kubalkova (University of Miami), Renat Shaykhutdinov (Florida Atlantic University), and Stepanka Zemanova (University of Economics Prague). Joined by Amitav Acharya (American University), Thomas Biersteker The Graduate Institute, Geneva), Nadiia Koval (Kyiv School of Economics), Daniel T. Plesch (School of Oriental and African Studies), and Antje Wiener (University of Hamburg and University of Cambridge).

April 9th

11:00-12:15 AM (New York EDT): Conceptual Challenges to Peacebuilding in a Changing Global Context
Isabel Bramsen will chair the panel joined by Ramon Blanco (Federal University of Latin-American Integration). The panel will contain the following presentations:

  • Sandra Pogodda (University of Manchester): “Blockages to Peace in UN Mediation and Peacekeeping”
  • Yoav Kapshuk (Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee): “ Conceptual ambiguity in coding the categories of peace agreement and peace process”
  • Ignasi Torrent (University of Hertfordshire): “Entangled Peace”
  • Martin Waehlisch (United Nations): “Theory of change system thingking and peace negotiations”

12:30-1:45 PM (New York EDT): On ear and Violence in International Relations
Jakob Dreyer will join the panel chaired by Francine Rossone de Paula (Queen’s University Belfast). The panel will include the following presentations:

  • Ali Fuat Birol (Nevşehir Hacıbektaş Veli University): “The Space of Fer, Political Community and IR”
  • Martha Bashovski (Campion College at the University of Regina): “Everything new is old again: understanding claims to novel forms of violence
  • Shree Deshpande (University of Hawai’I-Mānoa): “International Politics in/of the Hold: Race and Abu Zubaydah’s Torture Illustrations
  • Mirko Palestrino (Queen Mary, University of London): “Time and Victory: Military Triumphs Beyond the West”