Research seminar: Exploring Analytical Avenues for Agonistic Peace

On May 13th 2019, CRIC has the pleasure of inviting you to a research seminar with Associate Professor in Political Science, Lisa Strömbom from Lund University. Lisa will present her research on agonistic peace from the starting point of a research article accepted for publication in the Journal of International Relations and Development. Hereafter, Lisa will laed a discussion on analyses of peace processes, which you are invited to take part in.


10-10.30: Presentation by Lisa Strömbom

10.30-12: Open discussion

When and where

The seminar takes place on Monday the 13th of May, 2019 at 10-12 am in room 25.0.01 (CRIC meeting room), Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 Copenhagen K.

How to sign up

To register, please send an email to no later than Friday, May 10th 2019. Lisa Strömbom’s  article will be circulated upon registration and you are invited to take part in the discussion of the article.

Abstract of the paper

The main contribution of this article is a rethinking of the peace concept, geared toward the creation of a framework for the analysis of agonistic peace. The literature on agonistic peace has thus far been elaborate in terms of theoretical sophistication. However, the dearth of empirical research on the concept is quite remarkable. This study takes that lacuna as a starting point for the grounding of the agonistic peace concept in empirical research and the creation of an analytical tool which can be utilized in analyses of peace processes in disparate contexts such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel-Palestine and Northern Ireland. The literature on agonistic peace envisions peace as the creation of a political space where former relations of enmity are reframed into being legitimate adversaries. This article forwards an understanding of two fundamental building blocs for understanding agonistic peace; institutional inclusion and identity change, two theoretical strands which rarely have been interconnected in peace research. Through a cross-fertilization of these fields, an analytical framework suited for analyses of peace processes and their aftermaths in terms of agonistic peace is carved out. As such, this study serves as a stepping-stone in furthered empirical as well as conceptual understandings of the viability of peace processes over time.

Lisa Strömbom is Associate Professor in Political Science, is former Director of Peace and Conflict Studies and currently serves as Vice Head of the Department of Political Science at Lund University. She has published on identities in conflict, conflict transformation and historiography, recognition in intrastate conflict as well as on grassroots peacebuilding with a main empirical focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She has published books with Palgrave and Nordic Academic Press, and articles in journals such as European Journal of International Relations, Third World Quarterly, Space and Polity, the European Legacy, Mediterranean Politics and Peacebuilding.

About research seminars at CRIC

CRIC research seminars is a forum for academic debate, organized around the paper, and is conducted on the assumption that the paper has been read by participants.