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CRIC Research Seminars

The CRIC research seminar is a forum for academic debate, organized around 1 or sometimes 2 papers. The paper(s) are typically draft journal articles or book chapters and the discussion directed to help preparing the text for publication. The research seminars will be conducted on the basis of the assumption that the papers have been read by the participants, and therefore, they will not be presented (although possibly summarised). These seminars are primarily for invited researchers. However, if you wish to participate in one of the coming seminars please contact CRIC.

CRIC Research Seminar

-   Spring 2016  -

Come join us for the monthly research seminar at CRIC on Mondays between 13.30 and 15.00 at the Department of Political Science, in room 25.0.01. We serve coffee and tea and guarantee interesting talks on interesting topics.

If you are interested in participating in the research seminars or if you have any questions, please contact Registration no later than the Thursday before the seminar. 

Please note that changes might appear in the program. 

"Foreign fighters: Violence and modern subjectivity" with Professor Dietrich Jung, February 8 2016

"Conflict intensity beyond battle deaths - Rethinking dynamic conflict theory" with PhD fellow Isabel Bramsen & Professor Ole Wæver, March 7 2016

"Human rights change through inter-state engagement – Reconsidering the role of the ’Crown Jewel’ of the international human rights framework (work title) with PhD fellow Mie Roesdahl, April 11 2016

"Getting away from torture and theorising critical preventions in world politics (work title)" with visiting scholar, PhD Jonathan Luke Austin, May 9 2016

"Distributional grievances, human rights, and conflict dynamics (work title)" with Post.doc Michelle Parlevliet, June 6 2016

"Peace, Constitutionalism and Fragmented Rule of Law in Kenya (work title)" with PhD fellow Fergus Kerrigan, June 27th 2016