29 April 2019

Perpetuum Mobile: Video essay by Ole Wæver

What would the world look like if all migration was set free? An science-art-fiction installation curated by sculptor Gudrun Steen Andersen includes various scientists' and controversialists' answers to this question. CRIC's Ole Wæver's is among them.

With input from fields as diverse as international politics, astrophysics, sociology, archaeology, economics, philosophy, law as well as peace research, the installation tells a counter-factual story about man's eternal movement. "Immigration is a phenomenon that can be politically controlled, limited, encouraged, planned or accepted. This is not the case for migrations. Whether they are violent or peaceful, they are like natural phenomena: they happen and there are no one that can control them" - Umberto Eco. The installation Perpetuum Mobile is produced by this quote.

The pop-up installation can be viewed at Kalkværksvej 5B, Sydhavnen in Aarhus from May 3 2019.