12 May 2022

Ole Wæver keynote at FISA

Russian Invasion

On this years annual FISA general conference, Ole Wæver gave a keynote talk on the global security dynamics around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - a central topic to CRIC researchers.

The Finnish International Studies Association (FISA / KATSE) held their 7th general conference on May 6-7 2022 in Tampere. CRIC’s Ole Wæver was one of two keynote speakers. His talk was entitled “Global security dynamics before and after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”. He presented a first attempt at analyzing the current structure of global security according to “regional security complex theory”, originally published in the 2003 book Regions and Powers.

Until now, his most recent general update of the global analysis was a 2017 article 'International Leadership after the Demise of the Last Superpower: System Structure and Stewardship' in Chinese Political Science Review, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 452-476

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raises questions of both what global structure enabled this war and the war's effect on the global constellation of regions and powers. The conference participants in Tampere engaged in a lively debate on this, and this will on the future research agenda at CRIC.