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People on CRIC projects

Name Affiliation E-mail Phone number

Professor, CRIC Centre Director

Ole Wæver 

Department of Political Science, UCPH

+45 35 32 34 31

Associate Professor Sara Dybris McQuaid

School of Communication and Culture - English, Aarhus University

+45 87 16 26 34

Research Director Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

+46 (0)725283500

Senior Researcher Peter Vedel Kessing

Danish Institute for Human Rights +45 32 69 88 96

Assistant Professor

Nikolas Emmanuel

Department of Political Science, UCPH

+45 35 32 33 67

Assistant Professor Michelle Parlevliet

Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam

Cheif Adviser Annali Kristiansen

Danish Institute for Human Rights

+45 91 32 56 06 

Senior researcher Kristoffer Lidén


(+47) 22 54 77 37


Isabel Bramsen

Department of Political Science, UCPH

+45 35 32 47 01

Ph.D. fellow and Secretary General

Mie Roesdahl

Department of Political Science, UCPH and Oxfam Ibis

+45 29 84 24 44


Sylvie Namwase

Department of Political Science, UCPH

Ph.D. fellow

Anine Hagemann

Department of Political Science, UCPH

+45 91 32 56 06

Ph.D. fellow

Fergus Kerrigan

Department of Law, UCPH

 +45 35 33 47 31

Ph.D. fellow Line Kikkenborg Christiansen

Department of Political Science, Aalborg University

Ph.D. fellow Maja T. Greenwood

Danish Institute for International Studies +45 32 69 87 68

Ph.D. fellow Jakob Dreyer

Department of Political Science, UCPH +45 35 33 69 43

Student Assistant

Cecilie Overgaard Thomsen

Department of Political Science, UCPH

+45 35 32 43 40

CRIC Visiting Researchers

Name             Affiliation             Email                                  

There are currently no visiting researchers at CRIC. 

Practitioners' network

Name Title Affiliation
Flemming Bech Acting Head of Unit, International Assignments Danish Police
Joakim Lundstrøm International Coordinator  Amnesty International
Erik Bjergager

Editor in Chief


Krisigt Dagblad

World Association of Newspapers and News Media

Jørn Boye Nielsen Chairman of the Board RIKO (Council for International Conflict Resolution)
Gerd Elmark

Director of Prev. In Detention Dept.

Dignity (Danish Institute Against Torture)
Claus Kold Independent Researcher Formerly of Dignity (Danish Institute Against Torture)
Ole Kværnø Dean The Royal Danish Defence College
Nina Berg Chief Technical Advisor Conflict and Fragility Team Technical Advisory Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Anders Ladekarl Secretary General Red Cross in Denmark
Klaus Ljoerring Pedersen                 Policy Advisor Danish Refugee Council
Henrik Sonne Petersen Programme Manager for Church and Dialogue Danmission
Brigitte Qvist-Sørensen Secretary General DanchurchAid
Bjørn Nygaard Trainer and Mediator The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution
Jan Ole Haagensen PhD., Executive
Forests of the World