Resolution of International Conflicts

The research carried in the 'Resolution of International Conflicts'-project seeks to develop a synthesized theoretical understanding of conflicts with emphasis on memory, transition, violence, media, the role of third parties and in particular understanding the social dynamics of human emotions in the generation and resolution of conflicts. This theoretical understanding will dovetail with a mobilization of the sociology of knowledge in order to understand why practitioners ignore or follow different bodies of expertise.

This overall ambition is carried out through four different work-foci:

  • The development of conflict theory
  • Collective memory in protracted conflicts
  • Third party options during escalation of conflicts
  • The sociology of expertise

CRIC's research will have a regional focus on the Levant and the Horn of Africa, thus providing the Centre with the opportunity to systematically explore lessons and comparative insights relevant to both regions.










































Ole Wæver
Department of Political Science
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